SBARG 1.5: Lost Pawns

Welcome to the Lost Pawns official website!

Please note that this website is not viewable IC at all, no matter what place, time, plane, or realm. In case any characters find the url, they will get a 404 error. Even if they manage to get to "LoPaR" and someone else is accessing the website, they will only see a 404. That also counts for any files that are hotlinked from here.
(do note that I'm only explaining this because a certain iced over body of water likes to prevent the group from having nice things.)
Another note: The main jingloria website written in dingbats is not considered part of this one, so that one is completely fair game.

This site is always under construction. :b

As of 6/16/2021, this website has been moved to the wertercatt server, hosted by our very own magmorticController, Blaze!

For those who have no idea what this place is, this place was designed to hold a great deal of logs an information connected to the SBARG 1.5: Lost Pawns roleplay. Lost pawns as a thing of its own has reached a conclusion, but the stories of the characters who were apart of it continue on in SBARG 2.5: Dungeon Crashers.

Here is the link to the Dungeon Crashers website!

Note that we no longer use pesterchum for regular interactions and most events, due to switching to using Discord. Please contact either lavenderSiren or powerKitten for an invite.