Santa Claus

Santa Claus
Though not many have even seen him, his image and legacy is easily visible everywhere. Many see him as a mythical figure, but there are still quite a few who believe in him. He is said to be an immortal protector of children. An "ultimate father", as some have called him. For as long as anyone could remember, he has been said to be the cause of the Great Toy Distribution, as a wielder of ancient green lightning magic. Santa is to be loved as a symbol of sharing and jolliness.

The Walkjangler

the walkjangler
They say that there a tall, pale skinned woman in red garb. There are none who she has said to have trusted her name with. She does not age and she almost always remembers. According to legend, she has been present nearly any time something important has happened in history. The secret? they say she can travel through time. It is said that she appears without warning, exactly when she is needed. There is a shrine dedicated to her that has been cared for by a particular family for generations. Most reported sightings of her tend to happen at this shrine site, though there have been hoax sightings before. The best way to tell is from the extremely pale and warm skin tone and hair color, which has been reported to be anything from bee spittle gold to awakening bean black.
There however is some controversy over what some "prophets" call the "dark walkjangler", a similar figure who is said to come at the end of days and destroy all. There is currently no evidence of a "dark walkjangler", but the stories are still passed down, regardless of accuracy.